Comparison and Analysis of Social Justice in the United States and India

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Comparison and Analysis of Social Justice in the United States and India
Jessica M. Alstad
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Social justice has multiple definitions depending on the country a person resides in. The definition of social justice in the United States differs from that definition in India. Some of these differences can be attributed to historical values that have influenced social policies. However, there are some similarities when looking at the basic ideologies involved. When analyzing social justice, it is important to look at the entire picture that is presented.
Keywords: social justice, United States, India, social policy, ideology
Comparison and Analysis of Social Justice in the United States and India
Many different qualities make up the definition of social justice, both in the United States and India. These definitions are influenced by historical values and ideologies that have influenced social policy. While the definitions of social justice in both locations are different, there are some areas that are similar. The basic ideologies highlight those similarities. The economic structure of a country, as well as any discrimination issues, should also be considered when analyzing social justice. When analyzing social justice, it is important to look at the entire picture that is presented.
Social Justice in the United States
At the most basic level, social justice can be defined as the fair distribution of good, services, rights and duties (Jimenez, 2009). While total equality is not implied, social justice does demand that every person receive the same basic rights and access to economic and political resources, regardless of gender, ethnicity, education, economic status or any other demographic…...

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