Compare and Contrast: Multiple Meanings of Money

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Compare and Contrast Paper: Multiple Meanings of Money
Instructor: Eric Hinderliter
ECO 442—Development Economics
LCC International University
Yanina Belaya
October 24, 2013

The book ‘Multiple meanings of money’ written by Smita Premchander, V. Prameela, M. Chidambaranathan and L.Jeyaseelan analyses what microfinance money means to women, in particular it examines the viewpoints of individual women and women-only groups from India. These groups, called SHG (self-helped groups) represent the community of 15-20 women involved into savings and credit activities. Usually these groups are formed on voluntarily basis, but with encouragement of an external agency (NGO, MFI, government). The case study about the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, presented in the economic development textbook, written by M.P. Todaro and S. C. Smith, is a good practical illustration of how credits can be provided to the groups of poor women. Considering that both sources emphasize microfinance programs delivered through women-only groups, it is interesting to analyze this emerging trend of the microfinance market. While both sources, book and textbook, bear some superficial similarities about the characteristics of SHG’s, benefits that involvement in SHG’s provides for women, and the reasons why ‘external’ agencies choose to target SHG’s, differences through investigation of these two sources are also noticed.

The book ‘Multiple meanings of money’ and case study on Grameen Bank represent the self-helped groups as mechanisms of delivery of microcredit to the poor(Premchander, Prameela, Chidambaranathan, & Jeyaseelan, 2009, p.59). They mention that this approach to the poor is reasonable, as most of villagers are skeptical about dealing with banks (Todaro, & Smith, 2006, p.242). For rural women, self-helped groups mediate and create a bridge between individual women and local…...

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