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Colgate’s objectives are very positive and ethically sound. It sets a clear and focused path for the company to follow and it embodies their dedication to corporate social responsibility and integrity. Their values are demonstrated through their commitment to global diversity which is illustrated through their employees, suppliers, marketing aids, and their pledge to several communities around the world. They are dedicated to ensuring consumer satisfaction and routinely perform primary research by visiting local communities across the globe to discover how they can better serve them.
Another strength in Colgate’s strategy is the importance they place on leading with integrity and respect; by doing this it affects all aspects of their strategic objectives and is therefore, in essence, the foundation of their strategy. It “incorporates their global values of caring, continuous improvement and global teamwork” (Colgate Annual Report, 2010). Colgate works hard to ensure their leaders are thoroughly educated in terms of managing with respect, creating clear communication channels, and setting proactive goals for themselves that are in line with the company’s goals. Colgate’s leaders are also expected to give back to their communities by volunteering and participating in local charitable initiatives and events.
Many Colgate employees routinely immerse themselves in different cultures around the world to ensure that their consumers are knowledgeable about their products. Colgate has spearheaded several health and oral care awareness programs across the world that educate consumers on how to properly use their products. This, in combination with their integrated marketing communications has enabled the company to gain substantial market share worldwide.
In addition, Colgate works closely with professionals in the oral health and pet care industries to help…...

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