Coca Cola Advertising Story

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 Nr 1 beverage company

 500 sparkling and still brands  15 billion dollar portfolio
 200 countries  1.7 billion servings a day.

Coca Cola Advertising Story


Coca Cola strategy
AVAILABILITY Distribution network AFFORDABILITY Product pricing ACCEPTABILITY convincing the customer to buy


• Messages • Casting

Coca Cola in the USA

Symbol of America

Medias for advertising ?
• Mass media Advertising
– Television – Billboard – Web

• Non media advertising
– Sponsoring – Event promotion

• •

1886 “Drink Coca-Cola” 1900 “Deliciously refreshing”
1904 “Coca-Cola is a delightful, palatable, healthful beverage” 1982 “The antidote for civilization” – Coke slogans for the past 100+ years

• 1993 “Taste it all.” • 1998 “Thirsty for life? Drink Coca-Cola!”
• 2000 “Coca-Cola Enjoy” • 2001 “Life tastes good” • 2009 “Open Happiness” • 2010 “Twist The Cap To Refreshment”

1986 –“Like a Rock” (Inspired by the Bob Seger song “Like a Rock”)

• 2011 “Life Begins Here”

The advertising messages. Billboarding

The american way of life…

TV commercials
• The opposition between good and evil

http://www.cultur oca-colavideogame

TV commercials
• Happiness, peace, enjoy deos/coca-cola-friendlyman

The advertising messages Sponsoring
• Va l u e s o f s p o r t ( te a m s p i r i t , fa i r p l ay, re s p e c t … ) tch?v=S2nBBMbjS8w

Sponsoring online.
• Sponsoring health activities

Friends with COKE ?


PePsi is the ‘official’ soft drink of the Soviet Union in the 1970s.

• Ideological fetish
• The Coca-Cola Company entered…...

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...Coca-Cola The most recognized brand name in the world got its start in an Atlanta pharmacy, where it sold for five cents a glass. The name Coca-Cola, registered as a trademark on January 31, 1893, was based on two of the drink’s ingredients: extracts from coca leaves and the cola nut. In its early days, when the drink contained a form of cocaine, a drug made from coca leave extracts, the Coca-Cola was marketed as an “Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage.” The company’s first president, Asa Candler, was a savvy businessman who implemented numerous marketing strategies to increase consumption. At Candler’s behest, the company printed coupons offering complimentary first tastes of Coca-Cola, and outfitted distributing pharmacists with clocks, calendars, and scales bearing the Coca-Cola brand. The drink soon became a national phenomenon; by 1895, the company had established syrup plants in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Coca-Cola expanded beyond the American borders in the early 1900s into numerous countries including Cuba, Puerto Rico, and France. In the 1920s, Coca-Cola pursued aggressive global branding, finding creative placements for its logo such as on dogsleds in Canada and on the walls of bullfighting arenas in Spain. During World War II, the U.S. Army shipped bottles of the beverage and bottling plants abroad to supply American soldiers in Europe and Asia. Its popularity throughout the world was fueled by colorful and persuasive......

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...The Coca-Cola Project Role of e-commerce Coca Cola Co uses business to business or B2B. Electronic commerce has fast become a preferred method of doing business for the grocery industry. Major retailers have seen the rewards of enhanced supply chain efficiency and increased business automation. As a result, more major consumer goods companies are starting to use the Internet to do business with retailers. Therefore, Coca Cola being an important SUPPLIER, needs to provide its customers with a fast and reliable way to take purchase orders. Internet has made it possible for Coca-Cola Company to build a strong relationship with its bottling partners. Although in most cases they operate as two independent companies, internet makes it easier for them to interact with each other. The Coca-Cola Company’s business is focused on creating and marketing their brands and trademarks, while Coca-Cola bottling companies produce and package the finished beverage products and then sell and distribute them to our retail and WHOLESALE customers Coca-Cola Company's work together with more than 300 bottling partners globally and operate the most extensive beverage distribution system in the world. This Coca-Cola system owns, leases or operates more than 800 plants around the world. Coca-Cola's bottling partners range from international and publicly TRADED businesses to small, family-owned operations. Their governance and management structures are separate from those of The Coca-Cola Company.......

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...Coca-Cola: A journey over 120 years old 04 Feb 2009 By Sarimul Islam Choudhury  ‘Little drops of joy’ as they call it, soft drink and beverages brand Coca-Cola came into existence in 1886 in Atlanta, New York, USA. From selling only nine glasses of drinks a day initially, after a successful stint of operation for over 120 years, the company currently produces more than 10 billion gallons of drink a day and sells its products across 200 countries worldwide. With more than 450 brands, the company is one of the largest beverage companies in the world keeping the language of refreshment universal across the globe.  The product comes into existence: It was1886 in New York Harbor when the construction of the Statue of Liberty was in progress, John Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, was intrigued by a fragrant caramel-coloured liquid. He carried it a few doors down to Jacobs' Pharmacy where the mixture was combined with carbonated water and sampled by customers who all agreed — that this new drink was something special. Jacobs' Pharmacy then put it on sale for five cents a glass. Later, Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, named the mixture Coca-Cola and wrote it out in a distinct script, the same way it is in use these days. According to the company: “Quality is more than what we taste or see or measure. It shows in our every action. We relentlessly strive to exceed the world's ever-changing expectations because keeping our quality promise in the marketplace is our......

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...not have been completed and compiled. They have worked very hard on this with me. PREFACE The study mainly focuses on how Coca Cola has performed over the past years internationally and especially in Pakistan. The main purpose of this project is to teach us as to how Coca-Cola has done over the many decades since its beginning, what problems its faces and what recommendations are possible from my research analysis. The scope of the project is to discuss the marketing strategies adopted and applied by ‘Coca Cola’, Pakistan. The primary concern is how and what type of advertising tools and techniques Coca-Cola has used throughout the years since this company bases its sales on advertising and placement. The primary purpose of the report is to find out which company is leading the market i.e what are the market shares of the beverage companies and what are the tactics used by the leader which makes them able to control and influence the market. My purpose was also to share maximum information about the products of Cola Cola that are now glued to our daily life consumptions. I have gathered a sound knowledge over the matter and have found this study to be extremely useful to me in my learning experience. Kinnaird Postgraduate Programs 93, Jail Road Lahore 54000 Pakistan Telephone 042-7569536 April 14, 2011 Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited Lahore Subject: Research Work for Final Dissertation Dear Sir/Madam, The Bachelor in......

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... Assignment Marketing Plan On (Product Coca-Cola) Prepared by Md. Mosaddek Hossen Id # 0220012 Tanima Trina Id#0220063 Sohel Mahmud Id # 0220013 Sabrina Chawdhury Id # : 0000000 Group- Leo Marketing Management Sec-1 Submitted to Mr. Rumman Hassan Lecturer School of Business Independent University, Bangladesh 25th April, 2006 25 April, 2006 Mr. Rumman Hassan Course Instructor Marketing Management School of business IUB, Dhaka-1212 Sub: Letter of transmittal Dear Sir, It’s our great pleasure to submit you this report on Market plan of Coca-cola. We have got a great experience while working on this report. We would like to leave this report to your kind consideration for any unintentional mistake that may accuser while doing this report. We are always at your service if you want to ask us any thing about this report and it will be a great pleasure to work with you again in future. Sincerely yours Md. Mosaddek Hossen Id # 0220012 Tanima Trina Id#0220063 Sohel Mahmud Id # 0220013 Sabrina Chawdhury Id # : Group- Leo Table of Contents Page number Acknowledgement --------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Executive Summary ------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Beginning of the project -------------------------------------------------------- 7 Preface ------------------------...

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