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Unit 3008 - Improving Team Performance

Task 1

The class was broken down into three groups. The other two members of my exercise was
Steve & Louise. As a group we decided which roles we would like to play. Universally we agreed to pick Andy, as we felt that was the most challenging character.

The role plays were carried out on the 19th March, With the other groups acting as observers.
Which was actually an added benefit as it meant we received a wider set of critique.

Task 2

Following my review with Steve, where I played the manager, an action plan was formulated. The purpose was to ensure Steve corrected a couple of key areas in his performance. These were Timekeeping and I.T. Literacy.

Through the discussion the ‘Time Keeping’ piece, was a result of a family bereavement. The tact I decided to take with this issue was to offer Support by allowing Steve some options around time management. I presented the options in a clear fashion and asked Steve to advise what he would do. Due to the sensitive nature but the obvious need to manage the situation I asked for Steve to either let me know in person or email me.

Lastly, I discussed some issues around Steves I.T. usage. I flagged the concerns so he understood the issues. I then presented 2 options for Steve to aide his performance. A group training session or a one to one session. The one to one session was chosen, which I informed Steve would be taking part in a couple of weeks.

Task 3 Although it was a mock situation, I felt I prepared my notes well and captured all of the key points needed to be raised. I tried to make the interviewee comfortable and ensure they understood the reason for coming to the review.

The structure I adopted for the meeting worked. Which was the “Sandwich Approach” whereby you deliver the negative between 2 positives. I also felt I framed the meeting well,…...

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