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After reading the article “Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication” I was shocked by the information that was given, the article addressed some important issues about relationships and how when we are communicating with our spouse, lover, or fiancé we automatically assume that there is a mutual understanding. Statistics shows that most of the time we find ourselves upset because we didn’t get the right information passed on or that our partners have poor listen skills, which brings forth fights among partners. Proper listening is more important in any communication.
People who have close relationships often find that they feel as if they communicate with one another better than they actually do. Because they spend such a great amount of time together, they can become accustomed to one another, and not take the time to truly think about, and consider the feelings or thoughts that may be running through the other person’s mind. Your spouse expects you to understand them better than anyone else, but the statistics show that accuracy rates between couples and complete strangers are strikingly similar. This leads researchers to believe that due to the familiarity that occurs within households, and between people of intimate relations, a misunderstanding of communication begins to develop that many of us miss, or do not want to realize exists. It is easier and possibly more conducive to our relationships and our lives to believe that we always understand what our partners are thinking. Take for example a couple that has been happily married for so many years may be more likely to tell almost everything about each

other. While, this may be very normal to some people while for others it might still be a huge problem, and this can cause misunderstanding and fights among various partners or spouses. Connecting with the article “Close…...

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