Client Interaction Strategy

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Client Interaction Strategy


Consultants communicate on various levels with employees and employing appropriate communication techniques and effectively using the current existing power structure will help the consultant’s success. By identifying the key players that will be involved in the change initiative, identifying the dynamic power and leadership in the organization and describing how one might leverage the existing power structure to facilitate different phases of the change initiative.
The consulting team for Kudler Fine Foods will be responsible for changing the existing software system. The first step in implementing this change initiative is communicating the process to the main players within the organization.

The main players in the change initiative Kathy Kudler opened the doors of Kudler Fine Foods on June 18, 1998 in La Jolla CA. Gourmet cooking was a passion for Kathy it was her way to relieve stress. While on a shopping trip for ingredients, Kathy realized that there was a market for an upscale food shop. Kathy has a strong power base, which she developed while working as the Vice President of Marketing for a large defense contractor. Positional power and Personal power are Kathy’s strong points that will ultimately lead to the foundation of her success. Kathy has great influence over her executive staff and they will work in conjunction to make sure the transition is a smooth one.

Dynamic of power and leadership
The power structure is where the dynamics of leadership and change in an organization begins. An organizational structure is the functional framework that characterizes an organization's functional relationships, strategic missions and scope of authority. Operational relationships constitute the routine duties and responsibilities of employees while strategic missions center on the…...

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