Choosing a Distributor

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Assignment 2: Choosing a Distributor

Belinda Stevenson

Purchasing and Cost Control

Professor Madlyn M. Bonimy

November 24, 2015

Assignment 2: Choosing a Distributor
About Sysco:
Distribution and supplying has always been a challenge with companies which are into distribution. Sysco has been a global leader for its distribution efficiencies. It supplies food products to restaurants within the USA. Sysco has also been associated with selling and marketing food products across the paraphernalia of restaurants, health care institutes, restaurants, and to other food industries. It supplies equipment and supplies for the hospitality and food industry. The firm serves out of 196 distribution facilities located throughout the USA, Bahamas, Canada, Ireland & Northern Ireland which take care of approximately 425,000 customers. Sysco boasts of a very diverse product line, employing around 50,300 employees Sysco sells ingredients necessary to prepare meals and also ancillary items associated with the food equipment. This has helped in bringing the Sysco difference to the lives of their customers and success to the business. ((Walker & Phillips, 2009)
Sysco’s closest competitors are Bunzl plc, Jeronimo Martins SGPS, Booker Group PLC to name a few. Sysco has been able to achieve its position as a market leader in the food distribution industry due to the efficiency of operation and competitive advantages, including sustainable operational processes.

Comparison of distributors: | Price SYSCO Sherwood | Quality Sysco Sherwood | Value Sysco Sherwood | Seafood | Choice affordable | best localized | high value high value | Dairy | Per carton per crate | Highly good Quantified | Add value highly Valued…...

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