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2. Kee has similarities with the Goddess of Life archetype in the way that her overall importance and symbol is the womb. Kee is pregnant in a world that can’t reproduce; this makes her extremely valuable, special, and important. She is also a culture bringer in the sense that she is bringing a new, very rare, child into the world that could potentially save the human race from extinction.
3. Some of the steps we witness from Campbell’s Monomyth include: The call to adventure when Theo is approached by Julian to get the transport papers. Refusal of the call when Theo says no he won’t help. Theo crosses the field of adventure when he asks his cousin for the transport papers and agrees to escort Kee. The belly of the whale, the series of tasks, and the meeting of the goddess all revolve around Julian. The ultimate boon is when Kee is delivered to the Human Project Boat, completing the quest.
4. Some cultural truths that we see in this movie include: Fears of war, illegal immigrants, death/the end of the human race that our lifestyles will effect our bodies (chemicals, over-processed food, pollution, prescription and recreational drugs), terrorism, that the government is either not working for us, hurting people, or will violate our freedoms, that we’re not prepared for the future.
5. A similar creation myth to this movie is Out of the Blue. Kee doesn’t know who the father of her child is and doesn’t even know how she became pregnant in the first place. Sky Woman has a husband but is miraculously impregnated after lying under the Tree of Life alone. We also see Sky Woman creating the heavens and the earth out of darkness/nothing, where Kee creates hope and life out of nothing with her…...

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