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Section A

The way to raise a child is different form the three texts. The topic of the three texts is freedom and love. It is how you chose to interpret the texts. I think it is love because every parents use love to raise their Childs. To have a mother who decide everything in your childhood. To parents who give you all the space you need to be free and live your childhood completely. The three texts are just some few examples of raise a child. You cannot find a guide to raise a child.

To have a “tiger mother” is the way to be the perfect raised child. It is just the mother, who thinks it is the best way to be the best raised child. And the mother decides the Childs childhood. Then if you have parents who let you make your own choices. To make your own choices and mistakes make you to a stronger person. It make you to the person you are not the one you want to be.

A.S. Neill has written a book, which is called “Summerhill – a radical approach to child rearing”. It is about how to raise a child. The third text is a section of his book.

A.S. Neill is using factual information to engage us throughout the text.

“Nijinsky could not pass his exams in St. Petersburg, and he could not enter the State Ballet without passing those exams.” (p. 7, l. 3-4)

This quote is something that most young people can relate to. By using factual information he underlines his statement. By using situations that we can relate to, he engages us, and makes us want to keep reading and stay in school. Many people will be able to identify themselves with Nijinsky. We can therefore conclude that A.S. Neill makes use of pathos.

“I have seen a girl weep nightly over geometry.” (p. 7, l. 11)

This quote does also make use of pathos, because that many people will be able to identify themselves with this little girl too.
Every child has something that…...

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