Changing America

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Changing America
Kiley Johnson
August 12, 2012
Henry Williams

Changing America

Walking down the halls of Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota or any inner city school gives a student a view of what their community looks like. Different types of people walking among each other, learning together, and participating in activities with each other every day. Attending such a diverse school gave me an opportunity to learn about different individuals and where they came from. Learning to love rather than hate because of appearance or culture is a lesson that was drilled into the minds of the children that walked the halls of the school and produce more accepting people. Exposing young adults or children to the diversity is crucial for the progress of this vast nation. The face of America is changing into a culturally diverse nation, which comes with issues of prejudice and discrimination that the people can overcome by learning and understanding the new cultures around them. The face of this country is changing and has been for some time. Education has been a link between understanding and accepting each other for who a person is, without the pretense of race, ethnicity, and religion. Most prejudice and discrimination is born from misunderstanding one another. Different religions or even food may seem odd and strange but they do not make a person good or bad. The beliefs of others give others a chance to examine their own life and determine who they are and what they want to believe in. Learning about each other promotes a life without the stereotypes and prejudice that so many individuals have to face every day. The struggles that some of our citizens have had to endure is outstanding. Having the knowledge about what those individuals have faced and what they are still facing has given some a different perspective on how to treat others.…...

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