Case Study/ Alcoholic Woman

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Case Study/ Alcoholic Woman
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Janet is a woman that is suffering from many problems that includes four divorces, and children from three prior marriages. Janet is a thirty plus years alcoholic and she has abused drugs. She is encountering issues with these problems. Her alcoholic and drug problems started when she was a teenager. Janet has experienced many problems because of her upbringing. Her parents were alcoholics and they fought each other, and they did not set a good family structure for her. She also experienced rape and molestation by her uncle. Janet has come for counseling and she desires help; in fact her life and children’s lives depend on her healing. She must initially be accessed, and place in a therapeutic treatment program. She is broken and hurting, and needs counseling that will transform her life.

Alcoholic Woman Janet is in sad place and she has many problems that need immediate attention. She has come to counseling to seek the help she needs. Her problems are many: a victim of four failed marriages, chaotic life structure, victim of rape and molestation, and she is a victim of alcohol and drugs. She is a young woman in her thirtyish and her personal life is in chaos. She has children by three of her former four husbands’. Janet has struggled with addiction issues over the years including alcohol. To begin counseling with Janet, as a Christian counselor, I must incorporate faith and counseling mutually. As a counselor, I acknowledge that Christ is the ultimate amazing Counselor. I must receive my guidance from Him to facilitate the counseling process with Janet; I must in every respectable see her as God sees her. I expect the Lord to direct all the efforts in the counseling office on the counselee and my part as a counselor. I will trust the Lord to help me apply the skills; I need to help my…...

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