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Introduction- Issue, Past campaigns, what campaign I’m doing, provide info on whats going to be in the report the structure, and how ill be providing a creative solution.

Illicit drug use is a major problem in Australian culture as a recent study in 2012 by the United Nations has concluded that Australia has the highest rate of recreational drug users in the world (Toohey,2012). An Illicit drug can be defined as “the non-medical use of a variety of drugs which include: amphetamine- type stimulants, cannabis, cocaine, heroin and other opioids, and MDMA (ecstasy) (Hall W, Ross J, Lynskey M, Law M, Degenhardt L.,2000). Australian Governments on all levels including non-governments have been trying to fight this illicit drug problem for many years with different approaches to the epidemic. This case study will be analysing the illicit drug problem in Australia, trends and closely scrutinizing the effectiveness of the Australian Governments National Drug Campaign 2010-15 (NDC) in reaching its target audience. This case study will then be further comparing other Anti-illicit drug Campaigns worldwide and in the past to the NDC and finally providing a creative solution which may help the NDC, which may help this Social Marketing campaign effectively communicate to its target audience. The National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 is a social marketing campaign which is aimed at improving the health, economic and social outcomes for Australians by preventing the uptake of harmful drug use and reducing the harmful effects of licit and illicit drugs in our society. This is a cooperative venture shared between National, State and Territory Governments and the non-government sector. ( It was Bob Hawke in 1985 who implemented the new National Drug Strategy which is still in effect as of today and…...

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