Case Management Overview

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Case Management Overview
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September 21, 2015
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Case Management Overview
Case managers play an essential role in the helping process. Case managers take into account the person as a whole and focus not just on one problem, but also all the other variables (Summers, 2011). The case manager ensures the client receives the most individualized and effective treatments and plan for service possible. The many roles and responsibilities are carried professionally and ethically. The case manager also can use theoretical models to identify problem and cause of the client's behavior. Many times, case managers work with specific special populations and encounter issues that must be prepared to address.
Roles and Responsibilities
Case management primary purpose is to improve the quality of life the client by assessing their total situation (Summers, 2011). It is imperative that the case manager knows what their client wants not only for service but to have a productive and useful life. Case managers develop a comprehensive picture of each client and identify the specific intervention the client may need. Case management entails being respectful to the client, their family, and the diversity of the human experience. It also requires listening carefully and encouraging people to hope and work towards a productive and healthy life. Case managers utilize funding sources to support standard formal services, in some cases, medication, as well as community resources and support to assist the client. They have a responsibility to ensure that any funds in direct client services are being used efficiently and wisely. The case manager's responsibilities follow four basic categories of service that include assessment, planning, linking, and monitoring. The case manager addresses the problems and needs and focuses on the client's issues,…...

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