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Knowledge Area Module I: Principles of Societal Development

Student: Michael Moore Michael.Moore@waldenu.edu Program: PhD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences Specialization: Leadership and Organizational Change

KAM Assessor: Dr. Javier Fadul Javier.fadul@waldenu.edu Faculty Mentor: Dr. Javier Fadul Javier.fadul@waldenu.edu

Walden University February 5, 2011

ABSTRACT Breadth This Knowledge Area Module (KAM) broadens common knowledge of societal and cultural development by looking beyond economic and conflict theories for understanding other positions regarding social advancement. The Breadth Component studies societal and cultural development in terms of evolutionary, cyclical, and fundamentalist theories and demonstrates why it is important to looking beyond the popularly accepted knowledge about social development represented by economic and conflict theory. This approach provides a more robust generalization that more adequately describes social advancement, and concludes that classical researchers did not consider leadership as a social segment to be studied, that influences societal and cultural development. Leadership understanding of societal and cultural development is critical for enabling them to lead positive social change.

ABSTRACT Depth The Depth section compares modern research in societal and cultural development to the theories of classical researchers in order to further develop the findings of the classical study, and to determine if leadership consideration has been addressed in modern times. The study shows that the theories of classical researchers are sufficiently robust to support a consistent, continued basis for understanding societal and cultural development into modernity. This study broadens the Breadth section presentation, and demonstrates that modern researchers continue the classical paradigm, adding depth and…...

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