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Duties of debtor in obligation to give a DETERMINATE THING
1) Preserve the thing
2) Deliver the fruits of the thing
3) Deliver the accessions and accessories
4) Deliver the thing itself
5) Answer for damages in case of non-fulfillment or breach

Duties of debtor in obligation to deliver a GENERIC THING
1) To deliver a thing which is of the quality intended by the parties.
2) To be liable for damages in case of fraud, negligence or delay.

Remedies of creditor in real obligation
1) Specific Real Obligation
a) Demand specific performance
b) Demand rescission or cancellation
c) Demand payment of damages only
2) Generic Real Obligation

Requisites of delay or default by the debtor
1) Failure of the debtor to perform hi (positive) obligation on the date agreed upon
2) Demand (not mere reminder or notice) made by the creditor upon the debtor to comply with his obligation.
3) Failure of the debtor to comply with such demand

Remedies available to creditors for the satisfaction of their claims
1) Exact fulfillment (specific performance) with the right to damages.
2) Pursue the leviable (not except from attachment under the law) property of the debtor.
3) “ after having pursued the property in possession of the debtor” exercise all the rights ( like the right to redeem)and bring all the actions of the debtor (like the right to collect from the debtor of his debtor) except those inherent in or personal to the person of the latter ( such as the right to vote, to hold office, to receive legal support, to revoke a donation on the ground of ingratitude etc.)
4) Ask the court to cancel acts or contracts which the debtor may have done to defraud him when he cannot in any other manner recover his claim.

* The debtor is liable with all his property, present and future, for the fulfillment of his obligations, subject to the exemptions provided by the…...

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