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FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS 1.) How are in-store orders taken?
SUBWAY: Orders are from the front counter as a customer walks in also via phone for home delivery.
KFC : Orders are from the front counter as a customer walks in and also via phone for home delivery.
MCDONALDS: Orders are taken either from the front counter as a customer walks in or through phone for home delivery or from the drive-thru window. 2.) How are the BURGERS cooked?
SUBWAY: The burgers are prepared using oven.
KFC : The burgers are cooked on an open conveyor that rides the patties over and open flame.
MCDONALDS: The burgers are cooked on a fryer.

3.) Are the BURGERS prepared ahead of time?
SUBWAY: No, the vegetables and ingredients to be added will be selected by the consumer personally and later served to the consumer.
KFC : No, they are prepared after the orders are placed.
MCDONALDS: Yes they prepare burgers ahead of time.

4.) How are the BURGERS assembled?
SUBWAY: The burgers will be placed inside the oven and also for display since the burger base needs to be selected as per the consumer’s request.

KFC : The burgers will be arranged in an oven like container and will be taken out whenever orders are placed
MCDONALDS: The burgers will be prepared, wrapped up and served as and when required.

5.) Is a Microwave Oven used in the process?
SUBWAY: Yes, Microwave ovens are used.
KFC : Yes, Microwave ovens are used.
MCDONALDS: Yes, Microwave ovens are used.

6.) How are common items like French fries, drinks handled?
SUBWAY: French fries and drinks need to be ordered separately.
KFC : Most combos contain French fries and drinks along with the burgers.
MCDONALDS: It’s common in McDonalds to have the burger along with French fries and drinks.

7.) How are orders delivered? What is the time taken for a BURGER Order?
SUBWAY: Orders are delivered at the…...

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