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You are in the car rental business and want to go after the market leaders. What do you think the market leaders response is going to be?

Alternatively -- if your product is not the leader, you may substitute your product and discuss how you might attack the leader and the possible reaction.

Colgate is in many ways the leader in the toothpaste industry. Touted as “the number one toothpaste recommended by dentist” for years, the product has a loyal following and a major market share. , not only in toothpaste, but technologybusttomait has outthe Although

Although Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste is my chosen product and currently has the largest share of the sensitive toothpaste market, I found it interesting that two years ago (2012) after first stepping into the sensitivity toothpaste market with the launch of Sensodyne, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare had overtaken archrival Colgate Sensitive, with a share of 26 per cent to the latter's 25 per cent.
Until February, GSK marginally trailed Colgate, with a share of 24 per cent. The gap was closed, said Jayant Singh, marketing director, GSK Consumer Healthcare, with the endeavour to increase the lead between Sensodyne and Colgate Sensitive, he added.
Strategically, in a full frontal attack, GSK launched a new variant of Sensodyne called Repair & Protect, claiming to repair teeth enamel damaged due to sensitivity, a oral health problem where sufferers are unable to have anything hot or cold due to a sharp and shooting pain in their teeth.
Since that time, Colgate has hit back with a new launch in the sensitivity category soon, persons in the know said. Colgate has two products in its sensitivity portfolio, Colgate Sensitive and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. Both are priced lower than Sensodyne, at Rs 49 (Colgate Sensitive) and Rs 75 (Pro-Relief) for a 40g pack and Rs 85 (Colgate Sensitive)…...

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