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Burke Inc

Burke, Inc is a international research and consulting firms that provides custom marketing research, analysis, and consulting for consumer and business-to-business product and service companies to help them understand marketplace dynamics and to better their marketing strategies. Burke, Inc. has implemented creative ways to reach consumers with a analytical strategy to help pin point the exact needs for their clients. When a client enters into the research process through Burke, Burke first takes the client through the problem reduction phase of the process by understanding and determining what the client feels is the problem and identify with the client how they makes decisions and what kind of information initiates the company to make those decisions. Throughout this phase, the account manager analyzes the clients past decision making and problem to determine what the actual true research question may be. Defining the research question is very critical in the up front stages of the process and frequently the client will misinterpret what the real problem may be which can seriously impact the focus, direction and success of the entire project. It is the role of the account manager to help management identify and isolate the problem before developing an approach.

Burke’s process for marketing research is similar to the basic structure in a marketing research processing however Burke takes the research process to a higher level of understanding for the client in what the solution is to fix the main problems of the research question by taking the client on a 360 full circle research process with a solid end result of a focused answer to the research question.

Once the research question is defined, Burke develops a blueprint for the research process. The blueprint guides everyone through the research process and it includes, (1) a problem audit…...

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