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Essay Format
(minimum requirements)

Introduction Paragraph (at least three sentences):

Thesis Statement-the focus of the essay; not so broad that you could write a book, but not so narrow that a paragraph would do. States what you will prove; what is the objective; what the essay is about. The thesis must contain a subject and an opinion you wish to discuss. (If you are writing about literature, you must include the author’s name and the title of the story, novel, play and underline it.)
Commentary: Elaborates on your thesis; goes into depth without details. This is more of an expansion on your opinion.
Commentary: Same as above.

Three Body Paragraphs (each paragraph has a minimum of 8 sentences):

Topic Sentence: This is a claim or main idea about the body paragraph that has an opinion. It announces what the paragraph will focus on. It must be an idea that backs up or supports the thesis. It helps to prove the thesis.
Concrete Detail: This sentence provides proof or evidence for the topic sentence; it acts as an example or fact. If you are analyzing literature, this is the spot for a quote from your story. Without a concrete detail, you have nothing.
Commentary: The commentary of any paper is the most important part of an essay because it tells your ideas or how you see things. This is where you give us insight into your subject. We call this part of the essay the place to weave your magic, to wow your reader with your amazing insight, thoughts no one else considered.
Commentary: Same as above.
Concrete Detail: Same as above.
Commentary: Same as above.
Commentary: Same as above.
Closing Setence: Indicates that you have fully discussed the topic in this paragraph and you are ready to move on to the next topic in the next paragraph.

(In the next body paragraphs…...

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