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My paper is organized into three sections: A short explanation of the bullfight, which will put us on context of what we are going to discuss in the rest of the document. An overview of the ethical moral philosophies, related to the Bullfights and the work done by a bullfighter, I will only focus in the ethical moral approaches Utilitary, virtue, duty and stakeholders. And a personal conclusion to answer if I consider been a bullfighter ethical or not.

I consider important to say that my opinion of this work (bullfighter), had changed from the initial paper. After reading and hearing some people talking about the issue of the ethical and moral of the bullfight, I had seen thing’s that I wasn’t consider. Also reviewing the classes and the discussions that we had, I believe that I am seen things different from my initial paper. Bullfighting has become an extremely controversial issue in the world, even in the countries where is allowed; some argue the event is a culturally relevant tradition, helping to signify Spanish artistry, while others advocate for the unethical killing of a bull for entertainment purposes.

First of all, I think that is necessarily that I give a short explanation of what the bullfight is. Contextualize this for my explanation regarding the profession of bullfighters. This, to put into context my explanation regarding the profession of bullfighters.

A bullfight, or Corrida de Toros, consists of two or three bullfighters, or matadors, and six matches. Each take about 20 minutes to complete. These fights take place in a bull fighting arena, or plaza de toros. They are not alone. They are accompanied by two Picadors and three Banderilleros, (I will explain what this people do in the following paragraph). The matador wears a brightly colored costume known as the suit of lights. His assistants wear less flashy…...

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...example of the moral decay in the generation towards commitment and honor. Jake’s character is usually positive, but at an early point in the story he shows us his feelings of loneliness and alienation. He goes home after spending time with Brett and lays on his bed, crying over the hopelessness of his life and unrequited love for Brett. Jake say’s it’s easy to be hardboiled about your feelings in the daylight but at night when you’re alone it was a different matter. He shows us his feelings of isolation and alienation here. The novel is narrated by Jake and follows him and a group of his friends from Paris traveling to Spain for the bullfights. Their lives are filled with drinking, partying, fighting, sex and seldom working. This lifestyle is filled with contradictions to the moral beliefs of the prewar generation. Once at the bullfight, Brett falls in love with a 19 yr. old bull fighter named Pedro. He represents strength and purity. Brett seduces and sleeps with him and Cohn responds in a jealous rage and almost beats Pedro to death. Brett again puts her desires first at a cost to everyone around her. In the last scene Jake rescues Brett once again and the reader feels her social alienation, she doesn’t fit in anywhere. She isn’t happy with her life and is constantly in search of fulfillment. She says” We would have been happy” to Jake if he hadn’t been injured, and he responds “It’s nice to think so”....

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...Brave or Cruel The first time I saw a bullfight in front of TV when I was a kid. At the beginning, I was applauding that fighter for his braveness and tact. Until the bull was killed bloodily by the thrust of the sword and the audiences were all cheering, I confused. Either the fighter or the bull had to be suffered at the end of the show or the bull as a symbol of some kind of evil in Spain so they deserved to be killed cruelly? Bullfighting has existed for thousands years and it has been popular in Spain for nearly one thousand years, though some say it has existed in Spain since the time of Emperor Claudius two thousand years ago. This is the fate of these innocent animals. To be used to entertain a crowd that lusts for blood and claims that bullfighting is a tradition and "cultural heritage". What about the brave executers. Bullfighters are rarely injured and seldom killed in the ring. With their weapons to weaken the bull until it can no longer fight, their lives are not at great risk. In fact, in the last 50 years only 10 bullfighters have been killed by bulls worldwide. Within bullfighting countries there is a small but strong following that keeps bullfighting alive, largely based on the claim that it is part of the country’s culture. All bullfighting countries have a fascinating history, with a rich culture that they should be proud of. However, evidence is showing us that most citizens of these countries do not want animal cruelty to be part of their heritage.......

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