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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Action Without Planning Is Like Running Backwards: Powes Parkop’s Growing Buai Ban Fiasco
By Beka Maruka

I wanted to get the title of this article right first before I wrote the rest of this article. That’s because I want the story of Powes Parkop’s buai ban disaster to go down into internet archives in a way that it can be retrieved many years from now and people of the future will learn from the mistakes of today. The Port Moresby buai ban is almost like a clown show, hilarious in the level of ineptness that its implementers have displayed. It would all be worth a few loud and long laughs if there were not so many tragic elements.

I personally believe that our governor should have stuck to paying huge amounts of money to local rental car companies and equally outrageous sums to shady road construction supply companies as was revealed before the 2012 election when NCDC audit records came to light, the findings of which, incidentally, the governor tried at first to escape from, then defended with vague generalities hoping that no one would catch his trick. Be that as it may, the Governor’s earlier sins are fairly well established. However if Governor Parkop had stuck to kickbacks, he probably would have kept his shiny reputation. After all, it is common knowledge that kickbacks are one of the easiest corruptions to master and one of the hardest to catch. Payments can be paid into politician pockets in ways that make it very difficult for our police investigators and fraud squad to trace. Our governor could have continued to get rich off the kickbacks and no one would have been any wiser.

Instead, the gorilla from Manus decided to turn the furniture of Port Moresby upside…...

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