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The case be form of EcoCare, a large health insurance company located in Michigan. The company hired Arthur Wayne five years ago as an Assistant to Treasurer by interviewing with Sara Bell, Ecocare’s Treasurer. Then Wayne was asked to “immediately resign” because of “continued personality conflicts;” in addition, when he had meeting with Bell and Vice President, George Findlay, Wayne was not able to provide the solid answer. After Wayne’s termination, he requested a review by the President, and Chairperson. He believed he was wrongfully discharged for some reasons: one reason, he believed he had an employment contract, and other he believed his supervisor did not follow the policy and procedures of EcoCare. Therefore, the President asked Human Resource Director, Chris Miller to investigate the facts of condition and the incidents which led up to Arthur Wayne’s termination. This case is principally beneficial in discussing about employee rights and discipline.
ANALYSIS/ DISCUSSION: The main issue in the case is Wayne’s termination which he believed that the company was not fair based on the company’s policy and procedures. In fact, he recalled about his conversation with Bell when his first interview. After Wayne’ requested the President and Chairperson to inspect the termination, so the President assigned Miller to investigate the case again. According to investigation of employment contact, Arthur Wayne believed that he had “Partly oral contract and partly written contract,” for instance: Sara Bell made promise statement during the interview that “as long as he did his job, he could remain with the company until he reached retirement age”, and also he was given a copy of “Supervisory Manual.” According to Bell’s statement, she claimed that she did make a statement, but it was based on his understanding of…...

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