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Human infants are genius. That necessarily doesn’t mean that every child can paint like Piacasso, compose like Yanni , or score 9 on an IELTS test. Instead it means every child is born with qualities that are included in a genius. Curiosity, spontaneity, liveliness, and wonder are some of the qualities inherited by every single human infant. The structure of the brain of a baby is different from that of an adult and has twice as many brain connections as an adult. Babies are capable of formulating their own native language, which involves usage of different symbols, without any formal assistance. Creativity, sensitivity and imaginations are some of the key extracts of a child’s personality. These youthful traits are highly valued from an evolutionary perspective: the more species evolve, the more they carry youthful traits into adulthood (a process called "neotony" or "holding youth"). It is imperative that we, as educators and parents, help preserve these genius characteristics of children as they mature into adulthood, so those capacities can be made available to the broader culture at a time of incredible change.
Language is defined as “Any code employing signs, symbols, or gestures used for communicating ideas meaningfully between human beings”. There are three language acquisition theories by Skinner (Behavioristic) Infant learn by imitation and have no prior knowledge of language, Chomsky (Nativistic or psycholinguistic)Child is prewired for language development and the environment triggers its emergence, Piaget(Interactionistic) Language occurs through fixed developmental stages.

Noam Chomsky was a believer of the idea that every human infant has an inherited capacity to learn any human language. He stated that a child’s mind has some linguistic configurations embossed on it, on the basis of their accurate usage by the…...

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