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Body Cameras on Police

The government needs to definitely make it a requirement to wear body cameras, because

it is being considered as a way of altering the course of events similar too Eric Garner, Mike

Brown etcetera, and because a camera provides unbiased truth in interactions between police and

citizens. But once you really just think about all these situations that have happened no fair

justice was being served, even with the Eric Garner situation it was fully recorded and there was

no justice. A camera is like proof for a situation as to if the police were in the wrong in the

situation and the defendant were too be dead, camera’s don’t lie. Body Cameras can definitely

make or break a situation, police officers are highly trained and they could be pretty good at

covering up there wrong with the camera clearly showing what happened. Maybe wearing body

cameras would cut down on the violence going on because now officers are being fully watched

as to what they’re doing and how there handling it. Body cameras are a great idea; there should

be cameras in different angles so that whoever is watching the recorded tape could see in

different angles of what happened and not just the specific part being recorded.

Some feel like police officers can easily turn the cameras off and precincts can delete or edit footage in the police officers favor. Cameras are as good or as useless if people don't trust the system to preserve and use the footage wisely. As well as the good cops who let you off with a warning for minor situations, police cameras will be used to hold police accountable to their bosses more than to the public. Generally speaking President Obama has asked staff to draft an order “directing relevant agencies to work together and with law enforcement and civil rights and civil liberties organizations to…...

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