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Blink Booking Limited operates a mobile reservation platform for booking hotels in global area. It serves hotels and customers. It partners with premium hotels, then gets them to compete to offer the best price for a same-day stay. In 2012, Blink has successfully launched in the UK and seven European countries, and has attracted $2.5m from prominent US and European angels and venture capitalists.It has also attracted the participation of over 500 of Europe’s best hotels
Blink Booking was a new business with its sights set on revolutionising how people book and pay for their accommodation which is co-founded by Rebeca Minguela and Miguel Ortega. They saw a unique opportunity to bring a mobile-centric service to the London hotel booking market It was a strategic move for the company as it hopes to benefit from the estimated 450,000 people due to stay in London over the summer months.
In the UK, the app currently serves London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Cardiff. There are currently more than 700 hotels in 39 cities across the world to choose from including London, Marbella, Paris and Rome, to name a few.
As of September 9, 2013, Blink Booking Limited operates as a subsidiary of Groupon Getaway.
Blink Booking offers same-day hotel bookings straight from your mobile. Its offer is simple: every day at 11am, Blink selects the four best hotels (based on a combination of price and location) in each city and those hotels go live to the app, meaning that hotels compete to offer the best rates to appear in the application.
Travellers in need of a room can book there and then, getting ridiculously good rates by booking “last second”. Hotels are offered at a discount to almost every other online Travel agent.
Hotels must have either four or five stars, the best locations and great customer ratings to partner with Blink,…...

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