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The Purpose of this study was to understand human nature and why people act the way they do. In the video Attention and Consciousness - Unlearning through Hypnosis. They talk about the brain researcher Amir rez and he believed that they can make some people undo automatic behaviors such as be able understand make native language and stuff like that . so in the study they try to figure out way to make it better for people that have problem like mental illness and other disability because most clinical psychologist see eight to ten patient a day and there goal is help facilitate change in the individuals that see them . Being a psychologist can be emotionally draining and can cause a lot of problem in your mind and some can cause you to come mentally wored out. a study they talk about in this video about Sigmund Freud and how he interview patient we could do that today because that would cause a lot of issues and you as a psychologist will lost your lice a lot of change because of science and laws and stuff like that. This study apply to the real world by how we treat are patients today and how we try to find different way to make the problems better like today a lot of people won’t go to see a psychologist they would rather just take a pill but when they do they will sit in a chair and explain to them what is going and the psychologist will give them ways to deal with it like freed did in the past and they are still try to come up with treat me for read problem and learning different and stuff like that and that is going to help a lot of people out in the new future . I know from my stand point I suffer from a mental illness plus a learning disability and sometime I wish they would come up with a fix it all so I would have to deal with it any more…...

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