Biker Gan Highway Assault Report

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Anneudy Rodriguez
CRJ 201 – 005 / Policing
Prof. Agnes Halarewicz
Current Event / Report #1
October 8, 2013

“Biker Gang Highway Assault”

This article talks about one of the most spoken headlines during the month of October. While I was reading this article the main line that caught my attention was “an undercover police officer helped in the attack”, now my question is it’s a officer duty to react on another person life threatening situation? On Sunday September 30, a video footage was release on Facebook, were a range rover was chased by a group of bikers from the Henry Hudson Parkway to 178st Washington Heights right after an rampage takeoff. Everything started when one of the bikers began slowing down in front of the vehicle; the footage shows the SUV hitting the bike, in a fast motion all the bikers stopped and rushed the SUV driver’s door, not having another choice of safety for him and his family the guy reacted and took off running over 3 of the bikers in his way. Right after all the bikers started chasing the SUV until the SUV stopped on a red light on 178st in Washington Heights, that’s when one of the biker took off his helmet and started pounding the driver’s window where Alexian Lien was. Soon couple bikers joined and dragged Lien off the car where his wife and his kid where. Lien was viciously beaten, one of the bikers is in critical condition, both legs are broken, fractured spine and paralyzed from the waist down. According to the article “the undercover cop was not only witnessed to the entire assault but actually took part in it” - new footage shows the undercover detective punching and shattering the read window of the SUV but leaving the scene before the assault against Alexian Lien started.
It’s crazy and sad how can a 10-years veterans of “Law Enforcement” be working as an undercover on such a dangerous situation and instead of…...

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