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Benjamin Rush
We one talks about the Declaration of Independence and the founding fathers who signed it, very specific names are usually spoken about. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson are just three of the fifty-six gentlemen honored enough to sign the document that would set forth in motion ideals that would shape our country into what it is today. A name that may not come up as often, but holds an equal amount of importance, is Mr. Benjamin Rush. Where Rush may not have been a decorated war veteran as George Washington, or even a brilliant inventor as Benjamin Franklin, Rush was a very important voice that helped shape the future of both politics and medicine in our country. Benjamin Rush’s work as a physician in the field of mental health dramatically increased the ability to diagnose and treat patients. Benjamin Rush also spoke out vehemently on the fair treatment of women, the abolishment of slavery, and against the use of Capital Punishment
Benjamin Rush was born in the township of Byberry just fourteen miles outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania in January of 1746. His father was a farmer, named John Rush, who died when Benjamin was just six years old. Susanna Hall Harvey, his mother, sold the family farm and moved into Philadelphia shortly after the death of Benjamin’s father and opened up a local grocery, which she ran successfully. Wanting a better life for her son, she had Benjamin move in with his uncle, Rev. Dr. Norman Finley who was a pastor and the headmaster at the Nottingham Academy. Dr. Finley, at the request of Benjamin's mother, provided Rush with the opportunity to receive a proper education he would not normally have the privilege of receiving working in the grocery
After a few years of tutelage from his uncle, Rush attended the University of New Jersey (now known as Princeton) and quickly received his Bachelors of…...

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