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The War of 1812 The war of 1812 was a war that many people have forgotten. However it is a war that has shaped our country to what it is today. There are many variables to take into consideration when breaking down the war and how each positive and negative action has impacted our country. Importantly enough, the battles that took place on the Great Lakes significantly determined control over the Lakes and easy access for the British from the north. One battle in particular was the battle at Lake Erie. Oliver Hazard Perry was able to lead a fleet of ships against the giant Royal Navy. Throughout this paper I will discuss the buildup of tension on the lakes, hardship of building the fleets, recruiting manpower and supplies, and the infamous battle at Put-In-Bay. All of these events have a monumental impact on how the rest of the war could have played out. During the war of 1812 America wasn’t the only country having conflict with Great Britain. Great Britain was dealing with the Napoleonic wars lead by none other than Napoleon of France. This is important because this took heavy amounts of tension off the Americans because Britain was fighting a war back home. Okay, now we turn our path to Lake Erie. Early on in the war the United States didn’t put much emphasis on the importance of Lake Erie. Not up in till a couple of events took place on the lakes did the Americans pay closer attention to the lake. The first beginning with General James Winchester, as he was sent out to Fort Wayne to take command of an army being raised by General William Henry Harrison to give aid to the Detroit. As Winchester is in route he stops at Frenchtown to relieve his men where they make camp for the night. Upon being woken up at five o’clock in the morning from a freighting image of the British and Indians battling holes in the…...

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