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Baseball Live Strategic Plan
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Baseball at its finest
Baseball is known as America’s Pastime. The sport that brings families to the game has been around for over a hundred years. There are memorable stories and priceless memories that people talk about when discussing the game with their kids and or grandchildren. As young kids one dreams about being in the World Series and hitting the game winning home run with the crowd roaring behind them. All of these dreams can come true at Baseball Live. Baseball live is a virtual sports complex that has all the entertainment any baseball fanatic can think of. Not only does it have entertainment but it is a facility that teaches young athletes what it takes to make dreams a real life experience. It is not your everyday business; Baseball Live builds it philosophy around making dreams come true. Baseball live is the first academy that enables athletes to understand their flaws in a matter of a swing of the bat or it give the customer the analysis of gun slinging throw. So, as I discuss the business at a high level, take everything into perspective and realize that this is the future of our children who can benefit from everything Baseball live has to offer.
Baseball Live Mission Statement
Baseball live is an interactive athletic center that allows young athletes to showcase their athleticism without being scrutinized or demoralized. The academy motivates the customer by giving data back to them about their performance. The young athletes, ages 9-17 are placed in an environment where they feel comfortable and perform at a level where they can be coached and disciplined regardless, of their performance. These athletes are developed under the mission statement that has been in place since the beginning of the academy. The mission is “Instill athletic behaviors into young adults by…...

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