Barnes & Nobles Refoucses

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Barnes & Noble Refocuses
To which environmental force is Barnes & Noble responding? Barnes & Noble is responding to direct external forces. The social environment began to change rapidly for Barnes & Noble before it started to make adjustments in its business strategy. When Barnes & Noble first opened its doors it did so well because it was a one of a kind experience. It wasn’t jsut a bookstore it was a social place to relax and get together.As technology started to develop and become more a part of daily living, it gave way for a major competitor to enter;Amazon was born. More people began catching on to the online shopping trend. This changed the way Barnes & Noble was viewed with its customers. Competition from Amazon became another direct external force affecting Barnes & Noble. Amazon is an internet company with little expenses compared to Barnes & Noble making it easier for them to be more efficient, faster, and more popular with the changing market. Barnes & Noble is keeping up with current trends by offering an E-reader to keep a competitive edge.
2. What is appealing to customers about online ordering? Online ordering is appealing to customers because of its convenience and user friendly elements. Online ordering gives customers the convenience to shop whenever they’d like and wherever they’d like without having to travel anywhere. Online ordering lets customers read reviews and ratings before they make a purchase. Also another factor that makes online ordering appealing is that customers can shop around for better prices before making a purchase.
3. What is appealing to customers about electronic books? Electronic books are appealing to customers because they pull together all the factors that customers like. Electronic books appeal to customers who keep up with technology. They allow for their users to have all of their books in one…...

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