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1. Introduction 2.1. objectives of finical analyses
According to the financial analysis, investors or corporations can be aware of corporation’s performance in the current year or pass. Generally, investors and managers will go through different data to measure by corporation’s profitability ratio, liquidity ratio, gearing ratio and investment ratio. All of this ratio will lead them to understand corporation’s current position, operational efficiency, and financial situation, perdition of profitability and growth prospect through financial analysis. It either gives the information and significance to guiding the corporation managers to improve its services or change marketing is also important to check out the corporation’s financial error and handle it in time. As investors, they can realize how well the corporation done within a year and what the corporation will do in the next year and what is their strategic planning when they go through the entire financial analysis report. Then depend on their own experience and knowledge, they will design where they go. It may be make them stay on or leave out or increase their capital into same corporation because of corporation‘s profit and bonus keep going up or redistributed their capital into different corporation to reduce their investment risk.

* Banyan tree holidays limited company
2. Firm, industry, and environment
2.1. Descriptions of firm and its management
Ban Yan Tree Holidays Limited is a corporation which mainly operates spas, hotels and restores business. It had cost to 30 hotels and restores, over 60 spas and 80 galleries separately distributed in china, Indonesia, India, Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam ,Maldives United Arab Emirates and Seychelles. And that each restores had at least 50 to 100 rooms to meet the market demand.

Board of Directors…...

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Banyan Tree Case Study located in asia, Banyan tree was hit hard by the crisis causing poor profitability in 2005. Foreseeing the risk of focusing its core operation in one region, Mr.Ho, CEO of Banyan tree initiates the expansion plan of banyan tree to open new properties in new location in order to minimize the risks. The IPO was executed to increase the capital for this expansion. However, the key issue of this aggressive expansion in how banyan tree can maintain its respective qualities across the chain due to: * The limitation of manpower and infrastructure to consistently deliver banyan Tree’s experience * The danger of bran dilution in case of banyan tree expands into territories that may have a negative impact on the brand. Its very important that banyan tree ethos, culture and skill set do not disappear with the process of the growth. Tha ability to manage growth while at the same time prevents brand dilution is crucial when considering about doing a mega expansionary project. * The emergent of competition in niche markets also happened as banyan tree enjoyed the exclusivity for some time. Maintaining a niche position as market matured was an ongoing issue for the company. Price competition was experienced in 2003 – 2005 and new hotels competitive advantage. In order for the company to be sustainable in the global market place, it can no longer just rely on competing with costs from manufacturing efficiencies and low cost production. Banyan tree created unique......

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...Founded in 1994 with its first resort in Phuket, Banyan Tree (BT) is a world-renowned brand of luxury hotels and resorts found in many parts of the world, with high concentration in Asia. As of March 2010, BT has received 556 awards from its 27 resorts, 67 spas, 71 retail galleries and 2 golf courses. Mission Statement “As a socially responsible business, Banyan Tree was founded with the core value of driving sustainable development. With the call to arms of embracing the environment and empowering the people, we seek to continue being an agent of social and economic development through responsible tourism. Our triple bottom line (economy, society and environment) help direct our sustainable development by inspiring associates, guests, and partners to take a wider consideration encompassing a long term view when making business decisions.” Strategy Overview BT has a vision to penetrate global markets, not just for the purpose of expansion, but also for survival and risk diversification reasons. However, their visionary CEO also recognizes the need to maintain a delicate balance so as not to dilute the brand and create and maintain the unique BT experience deliverable only through competent human resources and infrastructure. Its core customers belong in the luxury market who can afford to pay for the unique experience that BT can offer. Their corporate social responsibility (CSR) conviction of preserving the environment appeals and draws many like-minded souls, who...

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