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BAE Case Study 1. What are the top three contributing factors to the project failure? We believe that the top three contributing factors to the project failure were: i. There was lack of risk planning to such a complex automated baggage integrated system where the Project Tea m didn’t plan lots of significant risks involved as the proposal of many structural changes came in. ii. There was lack of importance or communication breakdown on the project when Mayor Webb replaced Mayor Pena and caused the projects to some major halt phases and standstills. iii. There were significantly major planning changes during the course of the project that caused the project to be delayed and over costly.

2. Who was most at fault and why?
We believe it’s the Project Management team that was most at fault because they didn’t update nor pass any related information regarding the progress of the project to the key stakeholders involved. If the Project Management team were able to address their concerns and views regarding the timely completion of the project, there may have been a better approach by their stakeholders in handling the outcome of the project.

3. What problems occurred while Pena was mayor? What should his successor have done differently?

a. The problems that occurred while Pena was mayor was that there was no complete outlining of project planning and specifications. There were also external factors that contributed to Pena’s problems such as the economic downfall in the mid 1980’s as well as the political climate in the City of Denver’s 1983 mayoral race runoff elections. Moreover, the increased pressure from the stakeholders prompted a quick acceleration of the project.

b. We believe that Mayor Webb should have specified what the actual problems and risks that hindered the completion of the project, by identifying and…...

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