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Back to the dreamtime???this story is about a teenager from aboriginal boy raised in white Australian society called Richard MacDonald. He adopted by Joe,his adopted father and sonya,his adopted mother.Richard also have adopted big brother,Tom which same school with him and adopted younger sister,Judy. They never thought he as a adopted son. They really caring obout him eventhough their colour are not same. In this story,Richard always had a same dream that something calling him.The moral values that contained in “Back To The Dreamtime” novel are Good Responds by family, a sense of love, Responsibility, Never give up, and Mutual Respect. I think besides interesting, it is also giving some lessons to the readers.

The first of moral values that contained in this novel is good respond by family. It can we see from there are good responds from Mc Donald family to Richard, though Richard is not they the biological child. McDonald family was very closer each other, no jealousy and favoritism. For example, when Sonya (his mother) woke up Richard, Sonya smiled with him and also made him some food. Besides that, Tom and Judy are Richard stepbrother and stepsister, they not jealous each other.

The other morale value is a sense of love that they give to Richard like their other child. For example, when Sonya and Joe explain about aboriginal decoration to Richard with carefully like in the text “your father and I love you dearly, and whatever we have ever done has been for your good”. Besides that, Tom and Judy are also dear with Richard. They are always together. They always worried obout him if anything happen to him like his own son. No breaking love at all,just full of love.

The third of moral values that contained in this novel is responsibility. In this novel we can see there are responsibilities that author…...

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