Assess Some of the Problems with Defining What Is Meant by ‘Britishness’

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When we hear the word ‘British’ we automatically assume they would be white fair-skinned people like the Royal Family. However due to immigration, Britain is now a multicultural country with people all over the world. This makes it harder and problematic to define ‘Britishness.’

Firstly defining ‘Britishness’ can be problematic because some people may have a British passport but that doesn’t mean that they are British. This is because they may have a different mother tongue other than English and most importantly they are brought up differently with different culture and tradition.

Secondly there is no law that restricts or stops you from being citizens in more than one country. This makes it even harder because this person could choose depending on how they feel.

Thirdly this person may live in the United Kingdom but for some reasons they don’t want to be here or even meant to be here such as refugees or asylum seekers. This makes it hard to define Britishness because although they are in the country but that doesn’t mean they are part of this country.

Lastly a person who is stereotypically white and can speak English doesn’t necessarily mean that they are British. This makes it hard to define ‘Britishness’ because English is a widely spoken language around the world. So many people can speak fluent English, not just people in United Kingdom can.

To conclude, defining ‘Britishness’ is problematic because of the reasons I have stated above. Having a British passport doesn’t mean that you’re British. Speaking English doesn’t mean you’re British. Being British is a feeling, it depends how you were brought up and being native to the…...

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