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My historical figure is Artemis, goddess of the hunt. You may not have heard of her, but she is from Greek mythology. Even if she wasn't mentioned in a lot in the stories she was still the favorite child of Zeus. Who is Zeus? Well he was the father of Artemis, but before I explain, I’ll have to tell you more about Artemis.

Zeus was the father of Artemis and Leto was her mom. Hera, Zeus's other wife; got jealous when she found out Leto was pregnant with twins. So she commanded all the lands of the earth to never let the babies be born. Hera also sent monsters to kill Leto. Finally Leto came to the island of Delos. Since the island was floating and wasn't connected to the ground, it really wasn't considered “land”. On the island was a single palm tree where Leto sat down to rest. Then Artemis and her twin brother, Apollo, were born.

When Artemis was little, she went to her father Zeus and asked him six wishes: to never force her to marry so she would stay as an eternal maiden, to be more famous than her brother, to rule over the mountains, to have 60 nymph attend her on her hunting, to have two hunting dogs and a silver chariot to ride on, and to have a hunting bow like her brothers. Her brother’s bow and arrows were hard and piercing as the sun, but Artemis’ arrows gave painless death and were soft as a moonbeam.

Artemis became the goddess of hunt, moon, and childbirth. One myth about Artemis involves a mortal man named Actaeon. Actaeon was a prince and was out hunting when he saw Artemis bathing. When Artemis saw him she was in rage. She then turned him into a stag and made his own hunting dogs eat him.

Sometimes Artemis was a cold hearted goddess, but she was usually peaceful. Her most peaceful time was when she met Orion. Even if she didn't like men, Orion was one of her hunting companion. He was a great hunter…...

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