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Title: Apple Computer, Inc.
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June 15, 2012

1).Describe the key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer. Ans). The key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer are the efforts which will be centered at trying to keep its competition at bay while trying to exceed its already light year of sales in its first week exceeding one million dollars after the release of the “Apple’s Tunes Online Music Store”. However, Apple could not quit there…with competition as fierce as it is from other startup companies illegal and legal, Apple decided to shoot at capitalizing the market by yet another “before its time” invention, the personal computer. Still yet the public was not satisfied; the cry now was for a system that was compatible. With this in mind Apple took on a new plight putting up a new challenge and revamping to their opinion- what was first, a change in its managerial structure. With this advent Apple absorbed the intake of another company with the same interest with the hopes of soundly breaking the competitive edge. When any company upset its infrastructure the challenge then is to hope for a smooth transition with ever increasing sales. Innovative personnel should always be looked upon to bring ideas that would contribute to increased profit margins, more locations that would also be a benefactor and of course arguably the most important factor of any consumable good…satisfied customers. These turn tail events helped to revolutionize Apple’s goal and surpass companies that have been historically known to be much stronger venues than Apple. The iPod, Apple TV, and iphones which had all face the threat of lower priced rivals and possible substitutes now seem to be under the feet with new funding partners and expansion projects that officially and unequivocally led to the…...

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...Abstract Apple Inc is a multinational company that designs and manufactures computer hardware, software, and other consumer electronics. Today, Apple Inc is known as the largest technology company in the world. In May of 2010, Apples market cap closed at $222.12 billion which put them ahead of Microsoft Corp. As years went on, they continued the blow other companies out of the water. Currently Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Although they have many big competitors, they have a $260 billion market led over Microsoft and are worth more than $300 billion more than Google. Throughout this paper, I will conduct a ratio analysis of Apple’s most recent annual report. Ratio Analysis of Apple Inc Apple Inc, formally known as Apple Computer Inc, was founded in April 1976 by two men in a garage. For three decades, Apple Computer was mostly a manufacturer of personal computers, but later on grew into a multinational corporation that creates much more than just that. It was a long journey for, at the time, 20 year old founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Today, with a spot in the top five on the Fortune 500 list, 437 retail stores in ten different counties, and a net worth of more than $670 billion, it is no secret the success Apple Inc has gained. It is now being predicted that reaching a market cap of 1 trillion could be a possibility. With such growing success, liabilities and assets are constantly changing from year to year. Common Size......

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...Apple Financial Performance General Notes: This financial analysis for Apple Inc was carried out for the year 2007. The first section of the Financial Analysis will detail my preconceived notions of Apple (without the facts in hand). The second part of the Financial Analysis will review Apple's stock performance, various financial ratios, competitors, market segment. Interest coverage ratios, dividend yield ratios, and dividend payout will be discussed as well. The financial analysis will conclude with my opinion of Apple's future prospects, its stocks, and whether it is creating value to its shareholders. Apple General Information On January 3, 1977, Apple was officially incorporated in California. Apple's stock is traded under sticker Symbol "AAPL" in NASDAQ stock exchange, and in Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Apples' shares trade under the symbol "APCD". Apple became a public company in 1980, and in its Initial Public Offering (IPOD), Apple's shares were offered for $22.50. On a split-adjusted basis, Apple's Initial Public Offering stock price was $2.75. Apple has no preferred stock outstanding. Apple, Inc. Dividend Policy Apple doesn't pay its stockholders any dividends. In fact, the last time Apple paid dividends was in December of 1995. Apple paid dividends from 15 June 1987 to 1995. As Apple does not have an active dividend policy, Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP) is also not available to investors. Cash dividends that Apple did pay, ranged from......

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