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Apologetics Application Paper: FINAL

Joseph R. Tapp
APOL 500 B05
October 12, 2014


Throughout history the word of God has been spread many ways, by many different methods, some of which were brutal and ugly. Not all people grasped this word as it was spread. Some even started to believe that there was no God, or if there was, based on their observations he wasn’t a God they wanted to know. Such a group are those that call themselves Anti-theists. Anti-theists promote an ideology that denies the existence of God, any god, and that all religion is evil and not good for us. In this paper the anti-theist worldview will be examined to understand the worldview, its key attributes and why one might be so inclined to pursue such an ideology. The worldview will be compared to the Christian worldview, the purpose of which will be to refute the arguments of the anti-theists worldview and provide a basis for which the anti-theist can be presented with information that might enable them to have a change of heart/mind and begin their journey to acknowledging Christ with the hope of ultimately receiving him.

Significant Elements of the Anti-Theist Worldview

What is Anti-Theism?

Anti (against) -theism is quite simply the opposition to theism, specifically to God or to a god. It is not just the opposition to the Christian God, the Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, no, anti-theism is opposition to any god, religion or spiritual authority. Anti-theists have “an active distaste for religion in its various forms and believe, to one degree or another, that religion, all religion, is a bad thing”. [1] Joshua Kelly, in Oh, Your God, affirms this when he states that “the idea of god when put into practice as it is done today is inherently evil, breeds conflict, and causes…...

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