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Apache Metals, Inc.

Apache Metals, Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer of metal working equipment as a supplier to automobile, appliance, and building products. Their production line custom designed according to application, industry, and customer equipments In the past their project manager can be anyone come from anywhere from the company, and can have as more as ten purchase orders at one time. However, their sales dropped to an all time low and cost overruns 20-25% per product line. Which their issues were having bad PM system, which project managers assigned to each purchase order only after the sales department has a signed contract. There was also not enough emphasis on project management. They even assign trainees to perform project coordination and failed miserably. The in 2007, the board of directors of Apache appointed a new senior management team to reform their project management. PM managers were added through recruitment efforts and close examination of existing personnel, and emphasis on individual with good people with communication skills. Some steps implemented to improve PM were: outside formal training for managers, development of an apprenticeship program for future project managers, modification of the current methodology to put the project manager at the focal point, and involvement of project managers to a greater extent with the customer. These steps seem to be useful for the company approach excellence in the future. There are some alternative solutions to add on to their PM, such as having a project management office, the centralized unit within the department that oversees and improves the management of project. Also be aware of cultural norms within the company and have better understanding of it can resolve interior norms and improve PM structure. Change their organization structure is also another way. Now they have…...

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