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Retaining employees is a great dilemma for long-term care facilities. Cheyenne Healthcare is just one of the many that belong to Sava Senior Care. The corporation is relatively small unlike large corporations who have resources specifically aimed at retaining their employees while smaller facilities do not. Using various resources, I will examine the issue of employee retention in long-term care facilities. I found that the problem stems from different areas: lack of staff, growing competition for the same pool of workers, money, and benefits. While these issues are a problem, they can be improved. Long-term care facilities need to be innovative and creative in developing ways to keep their employees.
The Human Resource System of the companies perform administrative functions like tracking existing employee data that includes employee skills, personal histories, salary, capabilities and accomplishments. Now this workload has been reduced by increased usage of specific human resource management systems. Earlier the automation processes of human resource department were relegated to mainframe computers so as to handle large amounts of data transactions. Now, human resource management systems manage payrolls, work time, training and recruitment form in company (Human Resource System, 2011).
The strategy for HRM technology systems improvement in a nursing home is to use the latest state of the art facilities for improvement of the nursing care organization. First, the recruitment process should be computerized with an online application system for applicants, computerized forms for interview evaluation, and job specification based selection system. The payroll system for the nursing home should be computerized and will support self-reporting by employees. Finally, the performance assessment system should be computerized so that custom criteria for evaluation are…...

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