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Anne Hutchinson

In early years when the United Sates when it came to be women were viewed in a different light that women are viewed now in the year 2012. A woman that always stood out to me every time I studied her is Anne Hutchinson. Anne was a woman that came to America with her family with the Puritan beliefs. During her time of listen to the Church of the Puritan community she did not completely agree with everything that the Church was saying so she took it upon herself to speak out on the church. The Puritan Church did not like this at all so the put Anne on Trail for her doings. Anne was a strong minded woman and the Government of the community thought of her to be causing too many issues and they wanted her gone. There are many reasons for the Hutchinson trail the major reason was that she was a woman, a second reason was that more and more people started to follow Anne’s teachings and a third , was that Anne was clamming that the church was corrupt. Anne’s beliefs were carried on threw many century’s and many women looked up to Anne and how she never gave up in what she believed in. The Puritan community first started in the Massachusetts Bay Colony where Anne and her family immigrated in 1634 under John Cotton’s promises. In the Bay Colony the church was lead by John cotton, strong believer in Religious freedom. He left England because he felt as if the Catholic Church were on a level of corruption. When Anne came to the Bay Colony she had high hopes in religious freedom that the Churches of England never allowed. She soon found out that there was still no religious freedom in the colony for her as she was an educated woman. Anne viewed herself as a smart enough woman to be able to teach her own doctrine. In the early years woman where not a loud to speak out at the church they could only…...

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