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The United States has become a melting pot of cultures, races and religions. Immigrants flock to this great nation in hopes of a better life free of religious, racial, and political persecution and to make a better life for their families with the abundant job opportunities that America has to offer them. The United States is a great land, full of freedom and opportunity. Our Bill of Rights separated church and state, but before that time, religion was often used to dominate and control settlers.
When Anne Hutchison left England in 1634, headed for America, she dreamed of a land where she was going to be free to practice her religion freely, but instead she found that being a woman and speaking of religion would only bring heartache and persecution.
Anne Hutchison was born in Alford, Lincolnshire, England. Her actual birthdate is unknown, but she was baptized Anne Marbury on July 20, 1591. She was the daughter of Francis Marbury, a minister, and Bridgette Dryden-Marbury. She moved to London as a teenager, but returned to Alford when she married William Hutchinson at the age of twenty-one in 1612. Anne and William had fifteen children by 1630, losing three as infants. Women, during this time, usually didn’t have access to a formal education, but Anne was homeschooled because her parents believed their daughter should have an education. She was a natural thinker and loved to read. During her time, intellectualism was mainly theology and religion. Anne and her husband became followers of a puritan minister named John Cotton. Like many puritans, Cotton migrated to America and settled in Massachusetts. In 1634, The Hutchisons sailed to America, following Cotton.
Francis Marbury, Anne’s father was a deacon at Christ Church in Cambridge. He despised the political aspects of the church and was not shy about stating his opinion at their lack of competence.…...

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