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10/06/13 Analytical Book Report


As I sat and read The Creation of Patriarchy I could not believe the depth of the anger I was feeling just from reading someone else’s work. I had to reread the whole thing again just to be sure that the emotions that I was feeling were in fact because of the reading. It was a powerful piece that gave me a sense of connection between Ms. Lerner and my own life.

As an Anthropology minor the notion that all known societies are patriarchal has been engrained in me. A woman's maternal duties are often offered as the explanation as to why the men have "time" to pursue some kind of "attainment". Patriarchy is enacted in our day-to-day experiences which not only affect our psychological make-up but also affect our brain development, thus putting the gender stamp on all of us in a way we feel intrinsic. Gerda Lerner’s book, The Creation of Patriarchy angrily challenges this patriarchal tradition in our society. Gerda Lerner argues that male dominance over women is not "natural" or biological, but the product of an historical development. The question of the roots of oppression of women is as much a question of history as it is of economics, sociology and analytical and cognitive psychology. Patriarchy is a stigma from a past and could disappear when it becomes irrelevant. But in the context of the current world civilization, it is created all the time. While undoubtedly true, it cannot be an ultimate explanation unless one overlooks the many societies in which women do the majority of the non-maternal, non-leadership work (procurement of food and what-not). Why are women not devoting this time to achieving high status "Woman's Culture is the ground upon which women stand in their resistance to patriarchal domination and their assertion of their own creativity in shaping…...

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