Analyse Methods to Overcome Prejudice

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Critically analyse methods which might be used to overcome prejudice.
According to the oxford shorter dictionary prejudice is; a previous judgement especially a premature or hasty judgement, preconceived opinion; bias, favourable or unfavourable prepossession, usually with unfavourable condition, an unreasoning prediction or objection.
Therefore prejudice is usually theorized as an attitude that has a cognitive element e.g. how people hold a certain belief about another group. It has an emotional element e.g. either they dislike or like the other group or it has an impulse element e.g. they might have a natural predisposition to have negative thoughts towards the other group. However most researchers define prejudice as a negative attitude.
Alport (1954) in his seminal volume the nature of prejudice defined prejudice as “an antipathy based on faulty and inflexible generalization i.e. it’s an outgrowth of normal human function. He believed that “the human mind must think with the aid of categories…. Once formed categories are the basis for normal prejudgment. Humans cannot possibly avoid this process. Orderly living depends upon it (p.20). This explanation tells us that prejudice is not something logical or based in fact, but rather, on a series of assumptions, half-truths and guesses.
Based on recent evaluations of what prejudice is, I have come to understand prejudice is based on an individual’s attitude whether positive or negative toward groups which creates a standard between groups, prejudice needs to be viewed as a process within a set of relationships, rather than a state or characteristic of particular people (Abrams and Houston, 2006; Abrams and Christian, 2007).
Sometimes not all pre-conception are damaging or particularly consequential. Some are quite favourable (for example, the belief that Chinese people are better at maths than Europeans would…...

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