American's Problem: Imigration and Education

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America’s Problems: Immigration and Education
As a young college students, living in the United States of America, my country’s problems are really important to me. America is facing many issues nowadays, many of which we don’t think about right away. Immigration is one of the problems, both sides probably agree that how to deal with them is a major question in politics at the moment, although some see this as a bigger problem than others do. United States education is facing many issues also, one of which is decline in cultural literacy.
United States of America are one of the most diversified countries in the world, this is caused by immigration. Immigration has been both a boon and a curse for the United States. The country has seen its rich culture and civilization being shaped out by talented, ambitious, and hard-working people from around the world, which great example are Bharati Mukherjee and her sister Mira.
In Mukherjee’s essay “Two Ways to Belong in America”, she describes “I need to put roots down, to vote and make the difference that I can”. Bharati Mukherjee is one of many immigrants that canto this country to develop and to give it back to society. She also faced many struggles because she was an immigrant, like proposal in Congress to deny government benefits for non-citizens. Although she wrote her essay more than 15 years ago the problems are still the same. Legislation have problem with illegal immigrants and they are mixing them with those that are in this country legally and are paying their taxes, people that are willing to contribute into our country development.
Our country is known for the best colleges in the world. Anyone in the world knows about Harvard University or Yale. We should be really proud about it. Unfortunately, our country is also known for poor education. And how is that possible?
“A recent study found that we have now…...

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