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In her New York launch of Americanah, Adichie states that she wanted to write a good love story. In your response, write about the journey the love story takes between Ifemelu and Obinze. Consider the journey that they each take separately and discuss your feelings about the end of the novel. Make sure to cite the novel to support your points.

Love, can last a life time that is what some people say. The novel Americanah is a love story written by, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Adichie stretches the love story over three continents and include many characters that assist, build and sometimes tear down the hero; Obinze and heroin Ifemelu. The novel is mainly about two people who feel in love in their teens, and were separated because of financial difficulties which they were faced with in their country. Obinze journeyed to England to seek a better future, with the intention to come back to his love ifemelu. Likewise, Ifemelu also went away. She traveled to America to further her studies on an academic scholarship. In the process of trying to make a better life they had to make choices that were not in the best interest of their relationship. They had to for a time lay dormant their feelings for each other in order to navigate the rough terrain of life. Even as they struggle to make ends meet, earn degrees, form new relationships and discover themselves they were never far from each other’s heart. They occasionally called and wrote emails to each other, even though those correspondences did not reflect their true feelings and over time became more casual. These two individuals faced many challenges, but in the end they prove that love conquers all.

New found love is like brand new toy; it fills you up and makes you want to burst with joy. This describes how both Ifemelu and Obinze felt about each other. They were young and in love, at this point they were…...

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