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Similarities and Differences between American and European Values
Shalonda Cotton
Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Allan Mooney

Even the United States and Europe is just a flight across the Atlantic, Europeans and Americans are very different, but have some similarities also. Europeans and Americans both agree and disagree what we deem are basic values are. There is a view that supports opposing views of the world and foreign relations obviously stands in need of clarification. The Pew Research Centre reported a very wide public, single opinion poll, taken of public attitudes in several different countries. It shows that America's old faithful image has slipped a bit. The Pew study found that many Europeans support “the US-led war on terror” and about 60% called Iraq a serious threats. Many countries love and admire America culture because of our science, technology and new modern way of thinking. In both the Marshall Fund and Pew studies, there were a few differences in attitudes towards our armed forces, neither was there much difference in a positive opinion to use force abroad. The Marshall Study points out that institutions such as NATO of the United Nations is just as strong in America as Europe. Majorities in almost every country said the world would be less safe if there were a competing superpower, based off the Pew Study. Some Americans say they favor a firm intelligent leadership from the European Union, while some Europeans say they want the same thing from the U.S. According to the Journal of Transatlantic Studies, about 54% Americans believe that the U.S. should help other countries with their problems or believe in foreign aid; and about 48% say that countries should deal with their own problems as best they can. I’m part of that 48 %. The U.S. has so many of its own problems within and is so…...

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