America as a World Leader

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America as a World Leader

America as a World Leader
Before the Truman Doctrine, the Cold War was rapidly accelerating (Voices of Freedom, n.d.). Additionally, the United States started wars against communism during the confrontations of the Soviet Union and the United States over the Berlin and the Southern and the Eastern Europe, the inauguration of the communist government in China, and the development of an atomic bomb by the Soviet Union (Voices of Freedom, n.d.). As a result, the National Security Council approved America’s global call to bring communism to an end. In 1950, the council approved what was to be called NSC 68 which contained details of what was dubbed as “the free society” (Voices of Freedom, n.d.). The manifesto sought to tell the world that the Soviet Union was pursuing global domination as well as the elimination freedom in the world. NSC 68, albeit it was never made public was to be a struggle between “the idea of freedom” and that of slavery under Kremlin (Voices of Freedom, n.d.). On the other hand, America was also pursuing “the idea of freedom” when it intervened in World War II. This essay aims to show that even though America saw the increase in military spending, its involvement in World War II and Cold War was good in the sense that America became a world leader that pursues global freedom and peace.
At the outset, while America was pursuing the idea of freedom as well that of slavery, the wars that it participated in led to tremendous distribution of power. Firstly, Japan and Germany were defeated while the French and the British empires declined. On the other hand, the United States and the Soviet Union developed, hence, increasing power between the two nations. Secondly, during these times of war, there was fear of a number of nations developing weapons of mass destruction (Voices of Freedom, n.d.). However,…...

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