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AM emitter
This is the second project done in Communication Systems Lab, the first one was an FM transmitter and it was to communicate via radio transmission using FM modulation technique, and this one is the AM emitter, and the purpose of this project is to create an AM emitter at a bandwidth around 1000Hz. Now what is an AM emitter? An AM emitter is a circuit builds to modulate the message signal and transmit it, where the amplitude of the carrier signal varies in direct propagation with the message signal. It is limited in power but provides amplitude modulation of voice over the medium waveband.

We connect the circuit as shown, but first we de attach the audio circuit that is connected to the oscillator by 4.7uF capacitor, and using a capacitor of 100pf, and then we connect the oscilloscope at the antenna. When I didn’t obtain a sine wave on the oscilloscope, I by the help of the instructor Dr Amin Abillamaa, connect the inductor to the emitter of the first transistor. After this I got a very high sine wave so I substituted that capacitor from 100pf to 1000pf (1nf), and then we got a carrier signal, and also we replace the variable capacitor by a 330pf.
Before connecting the audio part, we connect the function generator to the 4.7uF capacitor and we set the parameters to 3Vpp and 800Hz. Then we remove the oscilloscope and we connect the alligator as an antenna and we change in the radio frequency to het a pure whistle.
Then we connect the audio part, and we were working to get the purest audio signal that can be transmitted about 1m, for this we connect the capacitor to the potentiometer and we rise the potentiometer to the minimum or we can connect directly the collector of the second transistor to the capacitor. As a result, the audio signal was pure, but it wasn’t traveling further, so I started…...

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